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See the Progress our Client, What Cheer Flower Farm is Making

The three women behind What Cheer Flower Farm tore up a parking lot and planted a field of flowers, which they donate to those in need of good cheer. We are very proud to have helped them make that happen as their counsel. Read all about them in this Eco RI news...

Response to Projo’s January 2018 Editorials on Energy

Here’s more commentary questioning when our Providence Journal will see the path to a cheaper and cleaner energy future rather than wallowing away in business as usual: ProJo Spouts More Hot Air, Guest MINDSETTER™ Seth Handy Responding to the January 1, 2018 and...

Seth Handy: ISO’s Visit & All That Gas

Here is an article in Go Local Prov about our reply to a Providence Journal’s applause for ISO NE’s visit and call for more big power infrastructure in a closed meeting: Guest MINDSETTER™ Handy: ISO’s Visit & All That Gas The original Providence Journal piece is...

C-PACE presentation to Rhode Island Bar Association

Seth Handy makes C-PACE presentation to the Rhode Island Bar Association with Michael Baer (Senior Advisor, RI Infrastructure Bank) and Jessica Bailey (CEO Greenworks Lending). You can WATCH THE PRESENTATION HERE...

Efforts to Preserve Historic Waterfront Farmland

Here’s coverage in the 9.5.17 Rhody Beat regarding our efforts to preserve historic waterfront farmland that the Town of Warren has planned to preserve under their Comprehensive Plan: Tug-of-war over Touisset development

What Cheer Flower Farm

What Cheer Flower Farm was started by three women who tore up a parking lot and planted a field of flowers, which they donate to those in need of good cheer. We are very proud to have helped them make that happen as their counsel. Read all about them in this Eco RI...


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» Read about some of our latest work in our Steward’s Journals…

Backing energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Counsel investors, developers, landowners, municipalities and energy customers on solar, wind, hydropower and battery storage projects.
  • Won approval to net meter renewable energy and storage systems in Rhode Island in PUC dockets 4743 and 4982.
  • Represented wind energy developer to beat back utility’s proposed access fee based on an unsupported claim that distributed generation projects add cost to the distribution system (RIPUC Doket 4568).
  • Helped develop and pass Rhode Island’s Municipal Streetlight Investment Act and negotiate resulting tariffs and agreements and support Partnership for RI Streetlight Management and municipalities buying, operating and maintain their streetlights for greater efficiency and reduced cost (RIPUC 4442).
  • Challenging utility imposed transmission system studies and upgrade charges on local renewable energy projects interconnecting to the distribution system in PUC docket 4981.
  • Negotiated turbine supply agreement with German supplier for ten wind turbines.
  • Worked with two utilities to sort out a service territory issue to green light interconnection and development of a proposed 2.3MW ground mount solar system in Burrillville Rhode Island.
Solving environmental challenges
  • Support energy development project on landfills and contaminated properties.
  • Lead environmental diligence and negotiations on real estate transactions.
  • Litigated Coastal Resource Management Council case on proposed residential pier on a shoreline without piers, where residents use moorings.
  • Sued to recover costs of removing and remediating an underground storage tank that was not disclosed when a large food manufacturing company bought the property.
  • Managed environmental investigations and remediation and negotiated transfers of manufacturing companies, printing companies, electrical utilities, and related industries.
  • Resolved the transfer of an air emission permit and negotiated an environmental management agreement for the divestiture of a fiberglass molding plant in a shared manufacturing facility.
  • Counsel clients on environmental issues raised in association with the proper closure of large, old, heavy-manufacturing plants.
Resolving land use and real estate concerns
  • Hope and MainRefuted attempt to overextend easement, subdivide and overdevelop farmland protected under comprehensive plan.
  • Closed sale of sand and gravel mine for forty megawatt solar project
  • Prevented condemnation of undervalued waterfront office building based on insufficient evidence it was needed for public construction project.
  • Supported real estate acquisition for innovative kitchen incubator project in Warren, RI, that will help local food producers get their products to market.
  • Organized nonprofit and helped acquire brownfield property to start urban flower farm.
Dispute resolution
  • Appealed utility-assessed interconnection tax given federal tax exemption.
  • Won RI Supreme Court case affirming decision that renewable energy projects are exempt from the tangible tax per state law. Helped draft, supported and passed legislation amending State law to establish standard tangible consistent, foreseeable and equitable tax treatment for renewable energy projects across Rhode Island.
  • Won public access rights across private roads in Massachusetts Land Court case based on long history of public maintenance and use.
  • Defended town against claim that net metering compensation exceeded federal wholesale (PURPA) avoided cost rate restrictions (RIDPUC Docket D-10-126).
  • File dispute resolution petitions to reduce the cost and enhance feasibility of interconnecting renewable energy to the electric distribution system.
  • Defended preservation organization against a contract claim for alleged tax abatement services at trial in Superior Court.
  • Arbitrated claims related to negligent construction work that plagued a condominium association.
  • Brought proceedings before the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers to ensure the reliability of Warwick’s water supply and to protect the City against damages resulting from the relocation of gas lines during its sewer projects.
  • Filed suit and negotiated settlement of Warwick’s claims for damages from a water main break caused by negligent engineering and drilling in a sewer installation project.
  • Helped homeowners arbitrate and recover damages caused by a contractor’s negligent painting work and the insurer’s refusal to honor the contractor’s claim.